About us

Azmon is a full service law firm with the proven expertise in dealing with legal needs of clients in Nigerian commercial arena.

With its operating office  in Africa’s commercial hub, Lagos and Abuja, Azmon is strategically positioned  to deliver top-notch legal services to our clients across Nigeria.

Azmon ethos is premised on our professional commitment to attaining the business goals of our clients by delivering sound, timeous and qualitative legal services.

The Azmon team supports our clients in analysis of risks in their businesses and we advise them on the best measures to avoid, mitigate and manage those transactional risks through effective risk management approaches.

Our Mission

At Azmon, we are committed to be the foremost and reliable source of goal-driven and professional legal services provided with an exceptional touch of excellence. Our aim on every interaction with our clients is to build a continuing relationship. We appreciate the significance of people in actualizing our mission. The people that form and work in the Firm are the Firm. Consequently, we endeavour to personify the core values of the Firm in each member of our team.


Our Vision

Our vision is to breed an assemblage of legal luminaries, each distinguishable by the quality of excellence, delivering legal services to a collective but different client-base, each renowned by satisfaction derived from our services.

Integrity: For us, integrity involves setting and maintaining non-negotiable high standards for our practice and services. Integrity involves commitment and dedication to upholding our core values in a sincere, transparent, disciplined, courageous, resilient and ethical manner.

Commitment to Client : At Azmon, we understand that the client is the underpinning of our existence and is our primary consideration. Our client-focus value is predicated on three (3) sub-values of professionalism, competence and delivery. Our aim is for our clients’ objectives to be met with an impression.

Beyond legal services, Azmon offers clients business-driven solutions and practical advisory services in their respective sectors and business environments. Our understanding of the business sectors gives use the opportunity to offer top corporate and transactional solutions to assist our clients to meet their business goals.

Our firm also regularly brings our clients up to date on current legal, policy and regulatory changes that may impact their business interests in Nigeria. The Azmon newsletter is also regularly sent to our clients.

Excellence: At Azmon, we are committed to being the best at what we do. We strive to deliver our services with the highest quality of standards. We approach each challenge with a determination to succeed and to break new ground. For us, the means is as important as the end.

We strive to achieve results with distinction in our application of law and service delivery. Our drive for excellence involves a consistent and persistent drive to do things better, paying attention to the granular detail. Our objective is to surpass expectations in all cases.


Teamwork: Our teamwork value is predicated on the twin pillars of inclusiveness and interdependence. Each member of the Firm is important and plays a crucial role, but relies on every other member to function. The Firm is structured and run in a transparent way, subject to ethical considerations.

 Each member of the team is disciplined in and committed to the Firm’s core values. The team spirit is geared towards a collective goal – providing effective and efficient legal solutions.

Ingenuity: Our uniqueness is in our ability to create new solutions to solve old problems. Where we have to apply standard solutions, we do so with a different and new approach. In all cases, our clients will find either or both of our solution and or approach to be new and different. 

Our legal solutions involve the intricate but effective balancing of legal postulates and practical applications, with our approach and direction dictated by pragmatism. 

Passion: Our compelling drive stems from our firm belief in who we are, our core values and the unique identity we seek to create and maintain for ourselves and our services. At Azmon, we are driven to serve and we are relentless in our pursuit to be the best at the services we provide. Passion is the common compelling spirit that we share.

It is the fuel that boosts our performance both as individuals and as a Firm. Our professional attitude is underpinned by devotion. We always exhibit an unparalleled zeal in deploying our best skills and efforts at achieving our clients’ objectives.

Scholarship: At Azmon, we believe that the practice and development of the law are naturally inclusive. The capacity of the law as a tool for client solutions is determined by the state of development of the law itself. Thus in developing the law and extending its jurisprudential frontiers, we are invariably increasing capacity for legal solutions. 

Our unique approach to legal services is therefore characterized by a scholarly inclination, which at all times is guided by the overriding practical exigencies.

Our practice areas

Broadly, our practice areas cut across litigation/dispute resolution and advisory services in the areas of law listed below.

Our firm is well equipped in domestic and international commercial arrangements. Over the years, we have advised numerous individuals and companies requiring the service of indigenous law firm with High international status. Considering the quality of our services, we are highly in demand by clients who need excellent solutions to legal and other issues.

Corporate and Commercial Practice

Our Corporate and Commercial Practice Team delivers broad corporate advisory services to domestic and international businesses, working in the Nigeria. We offer legal services to all types of businesses. At the center of our Corporate and Commercial practice is our proficiency to deliver practical and innovative business solutions to our clients for the efficient accomplishment of their commercial objectives.

Our Corporate and Commercial Practice comprise

  • Company secretarial and documentation
  • Compliance and tax advisory
  • Incorporation, negotiation, structuring and restructuring. We also deliver service in local and international business and financial transactions.

Azmon Corporate and Commercial Practice hinge on our enormous expertise and profound understanding of relevant laws and regulations, as well as the peculiarities of the numerous Nigerian regulatory frameworks.

Dispute Resolution Services

We have enormous experience and expertise representing clients in the Nigerian judicial ladder. We similarly provide services in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, comprising arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

We provide our dispute resolution services with the main goal of meeting our clients’ specified objective, cutting down business distractions frequently associated with dispute resolution proceedings.

We are always open to applications from diligent and self-motivated barristers and solicitors who want to be part of an innovative law firm.  To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter to info@azmonpartners.com .

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Azmon Partners will not contact you through a third party. Beware of fraudsters!